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"I’ve struggled so much with maintaining my weight loss. I continue to lose weight and then gain it right back again after a year or so. A friend asked me one day to attend a boot camp with her and that is when I was introduced to Brad. This was a year and half ago. I’ve worked with trainers before but none like Brad. He cares about your well being. If you’re slacking he checks in with you. “This is not just a right now thing, but a life time thing”, which is what he tells me all the time. He stands by his mission, which is to maintain and attain. I started to slack when I got my promotion at work and he made sure to work around my crazy schedule to get me in the gym. I’ve lost 30 plus pounds working out with Brad and having him as my personal trainer. This is just the beginning. I would recommend Brad 100 percent, if you’re looking for a lifestyle change and need help with getting on the right workout path. He will hold your hand every step of the way, during your process to a healthy lifestyle."

Shekendra Jones

“Listen, if you want to get healthy and if you want to look great and feel confident about how you look then this is the trainer for you. He gives you that push you need and believes in you even when you may not believe in yourself!!! 5th Quarter is life for me now!!!"

Etay Robinson

"I've been on a fitness journey for awhile now. 4 years ago I started training with Brad and he has truly made a huge impact on my life. The lessons he has taught me at the gym have been invaluable and his constant motivation, positive attitude, praise and encouragement have been imperative to my journey in becoming a fit, healthy and strong woman. He pushes me to the MAX and I see results because of it. He knows his clients and their abilities and crafts a workout that fits their personal needs and goals. His boot camps are not only well-rounded extremely beneficial workouts, but they are also truly fun and entertaining and a place to meet new friends who are on the same journey as you. I would recommend Bradley to anyone looking to make a positive and lasting change in their life!"

Tara Eastman

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