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Fifth Quarter Boot Camp

Fifth Quarter Boot Camp is our Signature program. Boot Camp is a 45 min group training workout that is programmed to burn fat, calories and build lean muscle. This programmed is designed with out 5 Quarters of Fitness (Warm-up, HIIT, Weight Training, Circuit Training & Core Training


Fifth Quarter Barbell Club

Fifth Quarter Barbell Club is a 60 min workout that builds muscle, increases strength and conditioning. You will learn the fundamentals of weight lifting while building muscle and getting stronger.



Programed and coached by Coach Maiya. Fifth Quarter GLUTE CAMP is a 30 min Lower body workout with a focus on building muscle and strength in your Glutes, Quads and Hamstrings. 

Vibe & Flow

Vibe & Flow is a therapeutic 60-minute gentle Vinyasa flow designed heal your body and calm your mind. You will gain flexibility, strength and a calm mind with this rounded Vinyasa practice. The practice is designed with beginners in mind, but all are welcome. Vibe & Flow is for everybody and every body.

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